Products and Services

Note: We offer you a fruitful holiday experience by paying attention to the minute details of your tour.

Advantages using Pace Travels

Pace Travels provides services to Travel customers through its dedicated Affiliates website ( Logging on to this portal enables travel customers to search through and book on an extensive range of Pace Travel’s global products for their customers and their customers online. What’s more, our buying muscle enables customers to pass on the best rates, offer better service and ensure priority services for their customers.

Benefits to Pace Travels Affiliates:

  • Single Window application featuring all travel related products
  • Real time Inventory: Instant booking and confirmation
  • Secure Online Payment & Meta Search Engine that scans multiple global suppliers to find the lowest available rates

Further benefits for Pace Travels travel customers:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Multiple settlement options
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Time Limit Bookings - enables confirmed bookings to be held without a deposit or full payment before supplier cancellation deadline

How Pace Travels Supports You

Pace Travels understands how important it is to provide outstanding customer support. With this in mind, we have developed a support system ensuring that our operation is successful and together, we are constantly growing your business. We support travel customers by providing:

  • Dedicated customer service team phone operations (9am to 7pm)
  • Professional training offered to all travel customers
  • Quality checks and audits
  • Documentation & logistics handling
  • Quotation reverts in 24 hours time
  • Trained travel counselors

The main objective of our travel customer support system is to ensure that you receive accurate and timely responses for all enquiries and bookings made through Pace Travels. With this support, you can be confident that you too can provide outstanding service to your clients.